Metals trading is one of the oldest forms of trading activities on the planet. People have been trading in precious metals like gold, silver, copper, etc. from ancient times. With the globalization of the financial markets, metals trading has also evolved into a highly lucrative activity that allows you to invest in metal commodities and beat inflation.

With a StockGlobal trading account, you can trade in all major metals including gold, silver, copper, platinum, among others against major currencies like USD and EUR. Our robust backend technology and access to MetaTrader 4 offers you excellent trading conditions to take advantage of price fluctuations and volatility in the global metal trading market.

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  • Institutional-grade liquidity
  • MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform
  • Tight Spreads
  • Leverage up to 100:1
  • Deposits as low as $250


Trading in metals is a safe option for many traders as the metals market is quite stable compared to other financial markets. As metals are natural resources with high demand, generally, their prices stay afloat. Though it is easier to predict price fluctuations in the metals market, one should always keep an eye on general economic condition and demand/supply ratio to succeed in metals trading.

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Symbol Description Order size Spread* Leverage* Trading hours (GMT+2) Base currency


Gold vs US Dollar

1 lot = 100 oz.






Silver vs US Dollar

1 lot = 1000 oz.






Gold vs Euro

1 lot = 100 oz.





*Important: the above spreads are active during any trading session during the trading day. However, sometimes market risks or any other changes in trading conditions require spreads changes.

*In case of trading conditions changing, or any market risks occurred, StockGlobal saves the right to change the margin requirements.